Best Tips and Buying Guide to Choose Your Dog Food Carefully

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Many of you feel confused when you want to choose the ideal dog food. Some of the owners make mistakes when selecting food for their pet fauna.

Here are some practical suggestions and rules when you want to choose the best food for your favorite dog. Dog Food Buying Guide:

Look for the following to find the best dog food.

You need to explore the number of aspects that make a product the best dog food product. You need to identify some elements and match them with the many available dog food brands.

Good dog food can meet a large number of dog nutrition requirements. But the best brand is one that can cover all aspects. In essence, good dog food must be able to fulfill the nutrition needed by your favorite pet.

In addition to adequate nutrition, the best dog food does not use artificial preservatives. Preservative products such as BHT, Ethoxyquin, and BHA provoke the taste of food. The best way is to choose a dog food with ascorbate (ascorbate) or tocopherol (tocopherol) which is safer for dogs.

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Check Your Dog’s Age

Good food must be matched with the age of the dog. There are some classifications of dog life stages as follows: puppies, adults, and senior dogs.
Each stage requires different types of food because the nutritional requirements they need are different.

Puppy foods should have the ideal protein and fat ratio needed to help puppies grow faster and healthier.

2)Adult dogs
Dogs are felt to enter adult groups when they are between 1 and 6 years old. As adults, protein and fat requirements will increase. Dry dog food is often felt to be sufficient for dogs of this age.

3)Senior (Old) Dog
Dry dog food is especially helpful at this stage. Protein and fat needs are less compared to adult dogs.

However, senior dogs need less fiber to guard their fitness.

Pay attention to the ingredients and the mixing material

Seeing the parts of dog food is very important. Always choose foods that have at least two sources of meat. Next, you must explore the carbohydrate source. Grain is a good source of carbohydrates. Some people assume that grain will cause digestive problems in dogs.

Whole grains are needed except in dogs that have sensitive digestion. If this is the case, then avoid choosing a dog food that contains whole grains.

Besides, natural dog food often contains minerals and probiotics. It’s just that the price of natural food can be far higher compared to dry food. Choose dog food that matches your expectations.

Choose between Wet, Dry and Raw Dog Food.

Maybe this business feels insignificant, but in fact, you have to judge the choice. Dry dog food often has very affordable prices. This type of food also provides protein and vegetables that are needed by your pet. However, dry dog food needs to be propagated with wet and raw dog food to provide better nutrition.

Wet dog food is often a high ratio of protein and fat. This food also contains not many preservatives. The main reason is that wet food is usually packaged in cans that already feel preserved in the process.

Meanwhile, raw foods are often sold frozen in raw format to the point where you may need to process them (cooking) before being handed over to your favorite dog.

Change our Dog Food Carefully.

When you want to change the food of old dogs with new types, do it gradually. Mix half the old food with half the fresh menu. Give your dog’s time to work on adjustments.

Give Different Foods for Pregnant or Breastfeeding Female Dogs.

Dogs that are pregnant need different types of food. Pregnant female dogs need less energy around the end of their pregnancy. That’s because our dogs may need protein and carbohydrate supplements in their food.

Dogs that breastfeed also need 8 times less energy than average. You must give him a probiotic so that they remain active and agile. At the same time, protein and carbohydrates are also needed to keep their children healthy.

Consider Prices and Availability.

Quality dog food does not need expensive. Choose dog food that meets the needs of protein, fat, and carbohydrates without making your estimates conceded.

Besides, the matter of availability must also be considered. Choose easy-to-access cards and often available both in offline and online stores.

The best dog food is not necessarily expensive. We only need to match the content and availability between one brand and another.

To maintain the health and activity of our pet dogs, be sure to submit healthy and complete food for them.

10 Types of Dogs That Are Most Often Used by Police

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Not only acting as humanity’s best friend, but dogs can also be used by the police to help police work in overcoming all existing criminal problems. For that, an exclusive dog is needed that can be invited to collaborate with the police.

There are 10 types of dogs mentioned that most often help the police. This is the arrangement of the 10 dogs.

  • Staffordshire Terrier

At number 10 in dogs that often help the police does not mean this type of dog is useless. Often people mistakenly think of Staffordshire with the American Pitbull Terrier. Staffordshire Terrier has properties that are needed as guard dogs. This is because this race is indeed glorified to be a lighter device.

Although this dog is perfect for being a police helper, its aggressive and protective nature cannot be easily trained. It took a long time and patience to be able to make this dog the perfect guard dog.

  • Bullmastiff

To be able to help with heavy police duties, a type of dog that has a strong physical, protective, high courage is needed and does not forget high loyalty. All of these properties belong to a kind of Bullmastiff dog.

If there are people who carelessly enter the guarding district, the Bullmastiff will instinctively use his body to intercept the person. Even though it seemed fierce, Bullmastiff was the one who could also be used as a tame pet fauna.

  • Great Dane

Tall, able to run fast, smart, loyal, and active. Such are the physical characteristics possessed by the Great Dane. The Great Dane is a police helper who can obey the coach’s orders quickly, is a strong fighter, but is very angry.

Despite its high and creepy physique, the Great Dane is very easy to get along with small children. The Great Dane will not attack other dogs if he is taught correctly and not provoked.

  • Boxer

Not a large body, but he is equipped with solid muscles and a strong jaw to bite anyone who he thinks is disturbing. For the record, Boxer is a type of dog combined from an English Bulldog with a bullenbeisser. Boxer dogs do not need specialized training because Boxers are very easy to train.

Having the most active nature, smooth to play, calm and protective, Boxer is the perfect kind of dog to be used as a police friend or pet fauna.

  • Giant Schnauzer

Dominant, loyal, and active, that’s the proposition why this dog is suitable as a police partner. This big dog has the power that is needed to help the police task of eradicating crime. But this dog needs additional training to be patient to be able to make it a pet dog or a police dog.

Giant Schnauzer is not a noisy dog, this type of dog will only bark if he feels threatened. The Giant Schnauzer has more body size than Brawniest but is smaller than many other kinds of Schnauzer.

  • Belgian Malinois

With a slimmer, smaller format, the Belgian Malinois is one type of dog that is often used by the police to help with tasks in the field. Included in the kind of dog that is active, these dogs are usually used to become fire detectors, drugs, and even smell the existence of people who are victims of human commerce.

Often also called Belgian Shepherd, Belgian Malinois requires special training if you want to make it as a guard dog.

  • Labrador Retriever

Don’t be fooled by his funny face, because it turns out that this Labrador Retriever belongs to the arrangement of dogs that very often helps police duties. As a pet fauna, the Labrador Retriever can be the best pet and have a close relationship with the owner.

In the police, Labrador Retrievers are exclusively given lessons to be able to ease the burden of the police like detecting bombs and drugs. Good hearing and olfactory strength are the advantages of Labrador Retriever types.

Doberman Pinscher

Is a type of dog that is very often found in the United States, this dog has a body that is not too large and not too small. This type of dog’s body is relatively slim and not too heavy. 2 of these things that make the Doberman become a dog that can run fast.

The speed possessed by Doberman is a proposition for the police to use the services of these dogs to hunt down criminals. Its powerful jaw makes it not to gouge its teeth until the villain falls.

  • Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is one who is familiar with malignancy and aggressiveness. Any criminal won’t dare to face this type of dog. Even though his body is not too big, courage deserves thumbs up.

In some videos that show how the technique of working the Rottweiler is impressive. Only a simple bite can knock a person down. For criminals, the following dogs are their scourge.

  • German Shepherd

It is no longer necessary to predict what kind of dog is very often helping the task of the police, and he is the dog of the German Shepherd. Easy to train, brave, this dog most adheres to every instruction given to him. Make this dog the best dog to help the task of all the police.

The popularity achieved by the German Shepherd is not just lately. This type of dog has even been famous since the era of the second world war. This dog which is a native type from Germany can also be used as a good pet.

Here’s how to Grooming Poodle Puppy

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Having a poodle puppy at a residence location is undoubtedly the most fun. Besides it looks cute and adorable, the unique and beautiful poodle puppy fur. Before grooming your favorite poodle puppy, make sure to bathe it properly first. An excellent way to wash a dog is to protect the puppy ear from the entry of water by using cotton and make sure this little cotton ball stays visible as long as you bathe the puppy.

You can bathe the poodle puppy by using a warm water hose with moderate pressure and wet the body elements first, so the poodle puppy is not surprised. After all the bodies are wet, pour the shampoo in all the body parts of the poodle puppy until smooth. Instead, use a shampoo that has a tearless formula, so it doesn’t hurt in the eyes. Next, this is the grooming poodle puppy technique you need to know.

Gently brush the still wet hair.

After bathing, you can separate each tangled piece of hair using a comb. PetLovers, so as not to create your poodle puppy in pain, try to use a comb in the form of a wire brush that has thin metal teeth to make it easy to apply to break down the tangles and throw a dead lump of fur. Brush gently when the hair is still wet, huh!

Use a towel to dry

You can squeeze the poodle puppy’s fur to remove any remaining water from the stick but do it gently, so it doesn’t fall out easily. Then dry it using a towel created from material that can absorb water. Do not rub the cloth on the surface of the skin and feather the poodle puppy because this can trigger hair loss. Just pat the sheet on the puppy’s body.

Lift and place the poodle puppy on your lap

To start the grooming process, you can carry the puppy and put it on your lap. Make sure you have made it in a comfortable position to the point of not rebelling when structuring is done. Start by shaving puppy poodle nails carefully, so they don’t get hurt. Then for the purity of the teeth, you can wrap a small piece of gauze on the tip of your finger, place not much toothpaste, and rub it on the puppy teeth.

Cut the poodle feathers for 3-8 weeks each.

The poodle puppy will grow each time, so you must regularly cut it to look neat. At least every 3 – 8 weeks you need to bring a poodle puppy to the dog salon. However, you can also practice shaving the puppy’s hair at home, so they don’t need to go all the way to the salon. In addition to creating neat looking puppies, shaving the puppy feathers on a regular basis also prevents other lice or bacteria from arising.

Select food matches the age and needs of the puppy.

Paying attention to the dog grooming technique properly cannot be separated from the food options submitted for the poodle puppy. It’s okay if you choose food that matches the age and needs of the puppy. PRO PLAN Small and Mini Adult Fussy and Beauty which contains a concentrated formula, combining essential nutrients and antioxidants to add natural hair pigmentation and Omega Fatty Acids to bright puppy feathers.

That’s the best poodle dog grooming technique that you can practice yourself at home. Taking care of your poodle puppy to the maximum will make it grow better later. Don’t forget to check your puppy health to your doctor’s fauna routinely. Maybe useful!

8 Techniques To Train a Hunting Dog for Beginners

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Who doesn’t know about hunting dogs? The type of pet fauna that is not infrequently active in accompanying all these hunters is a dog that is indeed maintained and trained to hunt. They have an urgent role in helping people to hunt and at the same time pick up the hunt for a name that is not used for themselves. There are not a few types of hunting dogs that certainly have characteristics and characteristics that can help people in hunting and the following types of famous hunting dogs:

  1. Labrador
    This is one of the smartest and most intelligent hunting dogs. Because dogs are so smart, they can even catch their prey more gently than other dog capture techniques. They will be better if you use it as a partner hunting in the water.
  2. Coonhounds
    This is the one that belongs to the group of smart dogs with the sharpest smell. They often hunt by using the power of their sense of smell.
    Because of the sharp sense of smell, they have nicknamed the scent dog. They are one of the closest perfect hunting dogs.
  3. German Short Haired Pointer
    This is one of the very good hunting dogs and can interact with all humans. This will breed well at the residence and will be easy to train. You will get a hunting dog that will take you and wait for your hunted fauna.

However, not a few hunting dogs in Indonesia use the type of mongrel. Because this type of dog also has a sense of smell and memory that is not inferior to other types of dogs.
You should start teaching dogs for hunting lessons at the age of 3 to 6 months. This is the optimal time in hunting dog training. Curious how can you produce a good hunting dog?

Here are 8 techniques to train hunting dogs that are not far from the technique of raising a herder

  • Practice Basic Commands

You certainly must first teach hunting dogs to know and understand the basic commands in hunting. Make sure they understand if you say a number of basic commands like “sit down, shut up and know the name” Even you can train the dog to understand a number of words like “catch, take and search”.

  • Training Smell Sharpness

Practicing the sharpness of smell of hunting dogs is not too difficult, not bad with their food hobbies. Yes, you can train it by hiding the food and let them struggle to find it themselves without your help. For basic lessons, you can do it with a step or step that is easy, by putting the food in a location that is easy to reach and open, under the table for example. Let them sniff or inhale the food before you hide it. And after that, you can invite and tell them to start digging the food.

  • Introduction to your target or hunting animals

The main point in teaching hunting dogs is by introducing techniques with prey animals. For example, if you want to hunt wild boar, then let the dog understand and recognize the boar. The method is simply by not caring about them watching the pig and confining the pig first so that there is no injury which means later on during the lesson, of course, you also have to understand the characteristics of sick dogs if there are errors in training. If hunted fauna is not as dangerous as a rabbit you can enter rabbits and hunting dogs in the same cage.

  • Let them learn from the experience of other hunting dogs

Invite the hunter to go directly to the hunting ground. Take one of the well-trained hunting dogs that certainly have no experience in hunting. Let the dog learn from his hunting friend. Hunting dogs will use their sense of smell to recognize traces and smells of certain odors. This ability is a basic skill that all dogs do. You just need to sharpen this ability so that later it will be useful in your hunting process.

  • Select a Location for Hunting Dog Training

You can actually teach your dog to start digging and looking for traces both inside and outside. For the first lesson, you can use did in the room first, because there will be a number of factors that can influence the results of your practice such as temperature, wind and other matters which surely provoke odor molecules. And this is certainly not good for your study. Try to eliminate the many disorders that will interfere with the learning procession such as humans and other fauna.

  • Use Objects To Focus Training Sessions

Choose one of the objects that you will later make for the hunter’s dog trainer. Usually, the most effective way is to use the dog’s favorite toy. Use the same toy in each of your training sessions. Even though you can use other objects. After that, try to play a run game and take it with him. This is an effective and good game where you can train and also use it in taming puppies. This is a beginner’s game before you really focus on the core training session.

  • Start Ordering to Find and Get Something

Give verbal signals while holding the dog leash to pick up the toy. Usually, the general signal in ordering dogs is “find and find”. For initial training, you may have to be more patient because generally the dog does not understand and understand what the employer has ordered. But after they start learning and practicing they will more easily understand in the future. For the first exercise, you may need to guide the dog using the rope to the toy you have prepared earlier.

  • Starting Training Into Difficult Levels

If previously you only trained hunting dogs with toys and objects hidden in open spaces and easy to reach. So to raise the training session to try hiding the object in an area that is not visible to him. This will sharpen the instinct and hunting instinct of the dog. Do a hiding place for objects or toys that will be searched for by the dog in a different location.

How to Detect Pregnancy in Dogs?

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Mated dogs will show signs of pregnancy at one month or 4 weeks after tracing. Note the color of the nipple, and if it’s reddish, it means the dog is pregnant. For more finding the right results, take your dog to the fauna clinic to get an ultrasound check.

Pregnant female dogs sometimes show calmer or lazy behavior. The dog will not sleep often, appetite decreases on 1 or 2 weeks first and sometimes accompanied by vomiting. Pregnant dogs must maintain their desire so that their hope is not usually high.

Sometimes problems are found in a pregnant dog who has a strike or low appetite until she gives birth. If your female dog is like this, you must take the time to feed and even feed the food so that the availability of nutrients for the fetus is often awake.

Signs of a Dog Will Give Birth

emale dogs that are about to give birth will often show signs as follows: dogs will dig a place to trigger. Usually, dogs prefer places that don’t look like they are in a desk or the corner of the room.

The closer the childbirth is, the dog will work on movements such as searching for land and will be more infrequent when the time draws nearer. You can help by handing over the trigger place like cardboard and giving many sheets of newspaper or towels. Usually, 6 to 12 hours before triggering the dog will breathe quickly, and body temperature decreases.

The process of giving birth

The dog will issue fluids that are useful to facilitate the passage of the fetus. If 6 hours after the liquid is released, there is no omen that the fetus will be triggered. Try to contact your fauna doctor for your subscription. For more details, you can see the text “Birth Process” on the website. These are the photos.

Parent Care After Childbirth

Dogs that have sparked try to get an antibiotic injection by a fauna doctor no later than 24 hours after giving birth. This injection is also useful for washing the uterus from infected blood and placental balance. If the chicks are triggered a lot, also try to ask your doctor fauna to submit a calcium injection. Calcium injections are beneficial for warding off breastfeeding dogs feeling the convulsions the effects of calcium deficiency.

Preferably, the supply of food and drink must be infrequent sometimes because female dogs who are breastfeeding need nutrients that are not small to produce milk. If your dog’s appetite for appetite is not high, try to be given food that has a large amount of salt and adds not much spice to taste. Besides providing a taste, salt makes the dog easily thirsty so that the dog will not drink so much that the supply of fluids in the dog’s body is not uncommon to produce milk.

Dogs also need to be given an extra multivitamin, and calcium is given orally. If necessary, dogs are given vitamins to facilitate and multiply milk. In 7 days after the dog gives birth, you have to fill out a copy of the birth report and a copy of the request as soon as possible and then give it to the local Perkin.

Tiller Care

The newly triggered puppies must be placed in a protected place, provide lights to warm their bodies. For the mat, you can use a towel or torn newspaper.

0-3 weeks of age: we don’t need to provide additional food if the mother’s milk supply is sufficient. For hygiene, you don’t need to worry because the mother will not often clean up. It’s just that you don’t be surprised if you see the mother licking the shit of her children. The mother will eat the droppings of her children until they get additional food, but there is also a parent dog that continues to consume their children’s feces until the age of 2-3 months. Period 3 weeks later: From the period of 3 weeks you can give extra food in the form of baby milk porridge (human use products) for about 1-2 weeks. After that, you can mix with dog food that has been softened. Giving food four times a day. Do not let the puppies eat until their stomach is distended. At the age of 3 weeks, try to have the worm given the worm medicine. Vaccinations are submitted after they are 5-6 weeks old. Tattooing can be done at the age of 6 weeks.

Tips for Buying Rottweiler Puppies and Knowing Their Character

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I assume from my point of view that you know and understand the theme of Rottweiler Dogs from books, dog owners, exhibitions/shows etc. So it can be mentioned that you already know about Race Standard, Maintaining Health, Derivative Disease, Basic Knowledge and about increasing your Rottweiler puppies in the future.

Thought before making a purchase:

  • The neighborhood where you live does not deny its existence.
  • All your family members must agree, especially the head of the family, where he takes care of the location of the stairs and wants to agree with the existence of the Rottweiler.
  • A Rottweiler dog does not live for more than 10 years, he must be fed and nurtured, he will live with his family and not be tracked, and from the whole, he does not want to feel “WASTE” which is the last to go to an animal dump or be wasted!
  • We know, that your financial expenses will increase – it does not mean, merely spending to make puppies – but your monthly expenses, and must be budgeted for each year. For a large type of dog like this Rottweiler, the expenses are the most costly.
  • You must have the understanding and information of the applicable laws in your area or country. You have to think about where you have to leave your Rottweiler if you travel.
  • Do you realize that for the existence of the dog, some of your acquaintances or relatives don’t expect you to come again?
  • You must have the understanding and information of the applicable laws in your area or country. You have to think about where you have to leave your Rottweiler if you travel.
  • Do you realize that for the existence of the dog, some of your acquaintances or relatives don’t expect you to come again?
  • You need free time, which you must give. Patience and fulfillment of your Rottweiler’s need to raise it, and every time under control and have no problems.

You should consider going home carefully, so you are certain that the Rottweiler dog is your right choice dog. (Read more: 8 Techniques To Train a Hunting Dog for Beginners)

Visit Breeder

You may not “only” to one breeder! Visit a number of breeders, even though at that time the breeder did not have a puppy. Ask everything you want to know, a knowledgeable and veteran breeder breeds, never keeps a secret, he will take time and reply to all your questions, and will feel proud to show off his results.

You need to know, if the breeder feels uncomfortable about your questions, or he always avoids your question, or he is angry – or the worst dog puppies look dirty, have dirt or smell that is least wearing (not much smell on the puppy is inevitable), this means you are wrong to place the breeder, go immediately and do not buy or have puppies from this kind of breeder, because you must be sorry.

An experienced and seasoned breeder and knowledge will give you advice and knowledge, he wants to give you valuable puppies, not at a blind price, he also wants from you a descendant of a valuable dog for him and feels responsible for his new owner. The parent of the puppy must be benign and carefree and have positive attention to his children, an aggressive parent, the nerves will negatively provoke his children in the future because it is very urgent if you see the puppies you want to have.

The puppy must be cheerful, friendly and always want to know, his fur is clean and shiny, his eyes are shining. After eating, the puppies often feel sleepy and need to rest, follow the eating habits or habits, so you can conclude your choice when the puppies are in the wake and sleep atmosphere.

Also sometimes you will be trapped with a cheap puppy, with the article “Rottweiler native puppies without letters” I at least recommend to own. The father and mother of these puppies often have not been given worm medicine, vaccination after all the examination at the Veterinarian, and certainly not recorded on the Club or Perkin. Usually, these dogs are given the cheapest food, and glorified with a lot of savings, to the extent that these dogs live full of suffering, it is unclear which hereditary disease is like HD / ED, after all its parents. In this matter, the aim is not to fix the dog race, but merely to procreate, and make money quickly.

7 Characteristics of Rottweiler Dogs and Character

Rottweiler is one type of dog that is categorized as a guard dog and is among the best types of guard dogs in the world. The Rottweiler from Germany is classified as a large dog with up to 60 kg and a height reaching 63 cm.

The Rottweiler which is among the 20 most popular dogs in the United States can live up to the age of 10 years.
Physical characteristics of the Rottweiler

  1. The Rottweiler body is large and the muscles are strongest.
  2. The rottweiler nose is wide and black and the lower lip is black and dark in the elements in its mouth.
  3. The shape of the head of the wide rottweiler and the round forehead and the long snout.
  4. Rottweiler fur color, nominated in black and brown.
  5. Rottweiler eyes are medium or medium in dark colors, but there are also a number of rottweilers that are blue or brown.
  6. The rottweiler’s ear drops down in a triangular shape and points forward and attaches to his ear hole.
  7. The male adult Rottweiler is 69 cm tall, while the female rottweiler has a maximum height of 63 cm.
    This rottweiler dog is known as intelligence and loyalty to its owner, here are some criteria from the rottweiler

Rottweiler criteria

Rottweiler is the most powerful one and has an excellent immune system. Rottweiler is a type of dog that is most confident, loyal, brave, calm, independent, alert and protective.

Like other types of dogs that have territorial traits, the Rottweiler will protect the family and the location where he lives, even if there are family members who feel a threat.

The Rottweiler is not easy to get along with strangers because he is a dog who is often wary and will immediately move away from people he does not know until he really knows the person. The Rottweiler is very aggressive with other dogs, so you need additional supervision because it can hurt the different dogs that it encounters.

Even though it looks rather creepy, a Rottweiler is one who loves children very much and will be the best child caregiver. The Rottweiler is a dog that is fast learning and smart, to the extent that he understands more quickly with commands given compared to other types of dogs.

Rottweiler health problems

Rottweiler is the type of dog most vulnerable to ACL destruction, vulnerable to hip dysplasia and even with entropion or shrinkage of the gap between the eyelids.

Rottweilers often snore while sleeping and also have excessive eating patterns.

Care for a rottweiler

Rottweilers are dogs that are fairly easy in terms of treatment because their fur is smooth and short. The Rottweiler needs to be combed with bristles regularly and bathed when needed.

Good rottweiler food

Like all types of dogs in general, rottweilers are meat-eating animals and healthy foods for rottweilers are fresh and raw meat, not vegetables and fruits.

To maintain the situation of a rottweiler body that is not infrequently attacked by disease, it is recommended to provide foods that are not instant. The best food for a rottweiler is fresh meat, chicken liver, beef liver, innards, and a little egg.

Avoid foods that contain little preservatives and seeds, because dogs are rather difficult to understand grains, fruits and vegetables, and products from milk which will create digestive problems and not waste a little gas.

Train a rottweiler

Don’t hit or snap when you discipline them, try to repeat it for a number of times to obey your commands. When you are going to be introduced to people outside the family members in the location of your residence, do it carefully and slowly.

The Rottweiler is an active and but not a little practice, take a walk each day or jog, take a ball and swim.

This is a review of Rottweiler dogs that we can share with you and hopefully can be useful for your dog lover who wants to start caring for a rottweiler, thank you.