Here’s how to Grooming Poodle Puppy

Having a poodle puppy at a residence location is undoubtedly the most fun. Besides it looks cute and adorable, the unique and beautiful poodle puppy fur. Before grooming your favorite poodle puppy, make sure to bathe it properly first. An excellent way to wash a dog is to protect the puppy ear from the entry of water by using cotton and make sure this little cotton ball stays visible as long as you bathe the puppy.

You can bathe the poodle puppy by using a warm water hose with moderate pressure and wet the body elements first, so the poodle puppy is not surprised. After all the bodies are wet, pour the shampoo in all the body parts of the poodle puppy until smooth. Instead, use a shampoo that has a tearless formula, so it doesn’t hurt in the eyes. Next, this is the grooming poodle puppy technique you need to know.

Gently brush the still wet hair.

After bathing, you can separate each tangled piece of hair using a comb. PetLovers, so as not to create your poodle puppy in pain, try to use a comb in the form of a wire brush that has thin metal teeth to make it easy to apply to break down the tangles and throw a dead lump of fur. Brush gently when the hair is still wet, huh!

Use a towel to dry

You can squeeze the poodle puppy’s fur to remove any remaining water from the stick but do it gently, so it doesn’t fall out easily. Then dry it using a towel created from material that can absorb water. Do not rub the cloth on the surface of the skin and feather the poodle puppy because this can trigger hair loss. Just pat the sheet on the puppy’s body.

Lift and place the poodle puppy on your lap

To start the grooming process, you can carry the puppy and put it on your lap. Make sure you have made it in a comfortable position to the point of not rebelling when structuring is done. Start by shaving puppy poodle nails carefully, so they don’t get hurt. Then for the purity of the teeth, you can wrap a small piece of gauze on the tip of your finger, place not much toothpaste, and rub it on the puppy teeth.

Cut the poodle feathers for 3-8 weeks each.

The poodle puppy will grow each time, so you must regularly cut it to look neat. At least every 3 – 8 weeks you need to bring a poodle puppy to the dog salon. However, you can also practice shaving the puppy’s hair at home, so they don’t need to go all the way to the salon. In addition to creating neat looking puppies, shaving the puppy feathers on a regular basis also prevents other lice or bacteria from arising.

Select food matches the age and needs of the puppy.

Paying attention to the dog grooming technique properly cannot be separated from the food options submitted for the poodle puppy. It’s okay if you choose food that matches the age and needs of the puppy. PRO PLAN Small and Mini Adult Fussy and Beauty which contains a concentrated formula, combining essential nutrients and antioxidants to add natural hair pigmentation and Omega Fatty Acids to bright puppy feathers.

That’s the best poodle dog grooming technique that you can practice yourself at home. Taking care of your poodle puppy to the maximum will make it grow better later. Don’t forget to check your puppy health to your doctor’s fauna routinely. Maybe useful!

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