People Who are Afraid of Dogs are More at Risk of Being Bitten, How Come?

Animals have become commonplace at home nowadays. It is starting from birds to animals that are quite famous as wild snakes. Having a pet is one thing that can show your identity and character. Even animals can gather people into a community.

Dogs are one of the animals that are kept by many people. The dog is one of the obedient and cool animals to be invited to joke. Dogs can also be guards for our homes so that police use them as drug detectors to bombs. Surely the dog’s ability will be in accordance with what is taught as long as it is in the hands of the employer.

Behind many of the features of this animal, many things concern many people that ultimately make people fearful of animals that have various colors. One of them when a dog barks and makes someone shocked to run. Know, according to the University of Liverpool in the UK, they have surveyed 694 people and discovered the fact that dogs will have a higher concern for people who have feelings of anxiety and fear.

The research continues in a deeper direction regarding people who have been bitten by dogs and recognizes whether dog bites need treatment to the type of person who has been bitten by a dog.

The researchers used Inventory or TIPI to determine emotional stability and neuroticism in a person. From there, it shows that if someone has a good emotional balance, then it will be increasingly avoided by barking dogs to its bite. “To find out more, further research is needed on the correlation between dog bites and human feelings,” said dog behavior expert Carri Westgarth of the University of Liverpool.

Subsequent discoveries found that dogs than women more often bit men. Not only that, people who care for dogs have also been shown to be three times more likely to get a dog bite. Even worse, many people are bitten by stray dogs, and their health condition is unknown.

One in three dog bites requires treatment. It is known from the many wild dog bites to people who are passing by. As many as 740/100,000 residents were affected by dog ​​bites.

Research carried out certainly still has many shortcomings. That’s because there are so many things to watch out for and the time spent by researchers. Even so, from this study, you can know that the need for treatment of dog bites is important if you are bitten.

In addition to treatment, you also know what risks you get when you have a dog and how you should do when meeting a dog. Relaxing by controlling the feeling of staying stable will keep you from being bitten by a dog.

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