Viral The Story of Popo, The Dog Who Keeps The Body of The Employer for About 3 Months

The story of the emotion of a dog who faithfully accompanies the body of his employer circulating on social media. The dog escorted the body of his employer for about three months to emaciated.

“This story tells of a dog that is so loyal to its employer, even though the body of the employer has become a skeleton, this dog has remained faithfully waiting for his employer for months to emaciate. The dog is reluctant to leave the employer, and it is not uncommon to take care of him for about 3 months. Even though hunger is half dead, he doesn’t have the heart/heart to eat his employer, “

The incident occurred in the area of ​​Bandung, West Java, on February 7, 2019, ago. Leoni, a woman who lives alone with her pet dog, was found by residents with a lifeless situation and has become a bone on her bed and is thought to have died approximately three months ago.

“A few days ago the residents were suspicious until they finally went inside, there was a skeleton on the bed guided by his dog,” wrote the explanation of the upload.

The pet dog who was also found with the situation of the emaciated body was also transported by residents who collaborated with the Cisarua Sector Police because it needed further handling.

Keeping the body of his employer to starvation, creating a pet dog experienced many problems in his body. This dog, named Popo, felt lung problems, digestion, swelling of the liver to dehydration which was quite severe. In his stomach also found a plastic which is thought to be eaten by Popo.

“Popo feels lung problems, digestion, swelling of the liver and dehydration is quite severe, the pulse is difficult to trace, and infusion through the neck and the water rises again. There is plastic in his stomach; it seems that his last meal is plastic, “explained the upload explanation.

Several attempts were made in healing and also Popo’s treatment. The Body Talker writes that Popo is still traumatized and remembers when his employer was dead on the bed until now Popo still feels sadness and loss. As explained in the upload, Popo is now being cared for at the location where Mama Liza lives because not only the body needs to be restored, but also the dog’s mentality must also be removed from this incident.

“Popo likes to be hugged and is whispered by Mama Liza if Popo has to be sincere, now Popo has been safe living with Mama Liza,” wrote the explanation of the upload.

Uploads that have been favored by more than 14 thousand of these Instagram users reap various comments from Warganet. The story and loyalty touched them that Popo carried out against his employer. As follows, here’s their explanation for Popo – A dog who is so loyal to his employer.

“Dogs are very loyal animals from all the fauna found on the face of the earth,” wrote a comment @ irwanjamaluddin65.

“Haru, sometimes dogs are more loyal than humans today …” said the comment @ yufika29.

“Hopefully Popo quickly gets well and is healthy again, and feels his happiness again” comments from @vanmurphy.

“Oh God, as sincere as this faithful, is this dog keeping his employer. Hopefully, it’s fast and healthy and long-lived,” added @frdrhmi.

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