Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Head and Fear of Lightning?

Dogs are human’s best friends, and they even seem to understand if the owner is not in the best mood situation. Usually, they will approach and stare at us while tilting their heads.

Even though that business makes our dog look more cute or cute, the reason is not that. They tilt their heads, among the reasons because their ears are the most sensitive and can capture sound frequencies far wider than the human ear. They can capture the sound in the smallest rate, and when your dog tilts its head, it makes it easier for them to dig up the sound source better.

It could be that they are trying to find out the source of the problem in their owners better. The next reason is the position of their snout, which is in the sight of the dog’s eyes. It is more or less similar to your nose, which is quite sharp will appear to hinder a small part of our vision.

Well, because their snouts are longer, they will often hinder the bottom of the object they are observing. So by tilting his head, my dog ​​and you can observe you better. Dr. Stanley Coren wrote this in the article Psychology Today.

So you understand now, by tilting your head, my dog ​​and you can sharpen his senses and make them know more about us as people who care about them,

So sweet …

Why Do Dogs Be Afraid of Lightning?

For all dog owners who are quite close to their pets, they must have felt the time when your dog was nervous when heavy rain came and could panic when lightning began to grab. They will dig for protection in the lowest locations that according to information from them can protect themselves from ‘threats.’

This happens because of the following various propositions “

  • Voice Phobia

Fear without arguments in a voice that is not threatening. Besides panicking at the sound of lightning, your dog may panic at the sound of firecrackers or fireworks. This is likely due to the innate nature of the dog to survive where they must understand the source of the loud sound coming from.

Of course, they panicked with a loud and mysterious voice, besides maybe they felt there was a big battle out there.

  • Static electricity

In a rainstorm, static electricity collects and then becomes a lightning strike. Dogs can feel this static electricity even before it reaches the area where we live.

Dogs experience static electricity through their feathers, which gives a feeling of amusement and discomfort. Therefore our pet dogs act as countrymen perhaps to find a place that they hope can protect them from static electricity attacks.

  • Changes in Air Pressure

Panic dogs because of rainstorms can feel the evolution of air pressure that coincides with the arrival of rainstorms.

  • Ion Change

In a thunderstorm, the ion in space changes. You and my dog can experience increased alertness when the signal comes to their nerve circuit faster. This signal is classified as the sound of rain and lightning, and it makes your dog anxious.

  • Genetics

Based on information from research in the Journal of the American Animal Association, each breed of dog has anxiety levels that are the opposite of a storm. Dog types of workers and sports, like the German shepherd and collies, have the highest levels of anxiety.

Anxiety in many dogs can be treated with medicines suitable for prescription veterinarians.

  • Changes in Our Habits

Our dog is susceptible to the prevalence of his master. If you become rushed to pick up clotheslines or block windows, your dog will feel if he needs to be on standby.

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