The Dog Looks ‘Fierce’ Bearer of Fortune

A scary-looking dog doesn’t mean it’s ferocious or fierce. A medical student can even pay her tuition fees thanks to the ‘ferocity’ of the animal.

Jasmine Milton (20), who comes from Shropshire, England, has earned about 20 thousand pounds (Rp. 351 million) because of the fame of Anuko, a 2-year-old Siberian Husky dog.

Quoted from the Daily Mail on Monday (5/9/2016), since it made news last year, the ‘angry’-faced dog has 11 thousand followers on Instagram, received hundreds of prizes, and got a job as a model.

But, despite having a ferocious face, Jasmine said that her dog was a loving animal. And the animal brought fortune to him. A few months before buying Anuko, Jasmine had attempted suicide in 2013 after experiencing a bipolar case with no clear diagnosis.

“At that time, I did not know I had bipolar disorder. I isolated myself, and my final exam scores collapsed,” Jasmine recalled.

While being treated at the hospital, a patient with the same mental condition told me about the benefits of having a dog. Four months later, Jasmine brought the tiny Anuko to her house, and the animal immediately became the ‘perfect puppy’ from the start. Both of them immediately inseparable, and Jasmine’s mental state also improved because of frequent socializing together with the puppy, meeting other people, and long conversations.

Anuko’s appearance also attracts attention. Jasmine said, “People can cross the road just to see and pet it when we are traveling.”

Anuko’s creepy face was caused by his fur pattern, so that he always frowned. “He looks very upset but very friendly and loving,” explained Jasmine. Fun, Jasmine also opened an Instagram account for her dog. Slowly, Anuko began to gather followers.

Change of Fate

But, in 2015, a big change occurred when Jasmine took some photos of Anuko playing soccer. Anuko’s face that ‘felt betrayed’ caught the attention of journalists and fans all over the world. Shortly after that, Jasmine was interviewed by marketing manager from well-known online gambling website that provides a lot of money games like casino, poker, namely that interested in Anuko playing soccer because the website itself is known as the best sportsbook online gambling and want to use Anuko’s photos for their website so it can attract other player such as a dog lovers or another competitor’s player that love cute animal photos.

“Great. There are hundreds of people contacting me,” Jasmine said after receiving media attention.

Anuko’s photos were reposted more than 25 thousand times, and Jasmine made £ 5,000 overnight. About that, Jasmine said, “For a long time, I didn’t ask for money, but then there was a company that said, ‘You can get money from here.'”

With the addition of Instagram and one contract into a model, the dog’s website and video sharing channel became a financial resource for Jasmine.

Also, there are gift shipments such as dog food and toys, and also paintings of the dog. A fan even sent pictures of Anuko’s small paintings to her nails.

“I am the kind of person who saves even a dime. After seeing the money, I feel I have to decide about its use,” Jasmine said related to Anuko’s luck.

“My father is a clinical psychologist and has accompanied me throughout my struggle, so I decided to become a clinical psychiatrist.”

With the results of a high school exam allegedly obtaining A grades, Jasmine sets out to take classes at Plovdiv Medical University, Bulgaria, next year. His future and luck cannot be separated from the puppy’s role, and Jasmine is grateful for it.

“He is the whole world to me; he is like my baby,” he concluded.

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