8 Techniques To Train a Hunting Dog for Beginners

Who doesn’t know about hunting dogs? The type of pet fauna that is not infrequently active in accompanying all these hunters is a dog that is indeed maintained and trained to hunt. They have an urgent role in helping people to hunt and at the same time pick up the hunt for a name that is not used for themselves. There are not a few types of hunting dogs that certainly have characteristics and characteristics that can help people in hunting and the following types of famous hunting dogs:

  1. Labrador
    This is one of the smartest and most intelligent hunting dogs. Because dogs are so smart, they can even catch their prey more gently than other dog capture techniques. They will be better if you use it as a partner hunting in the water.
  2. Coonhounds
    This is the one that belongs to the group of smart dogs with the sharpest smell. They often hunt by using the power of their sense of smell.
    Because of the sharp sense of smell, they have nicknamed the scent dog. They are one of the closest perfect hunting dogs.
  3. German Short Haired Pointer
    This is one of the very good hunting dogs and can interact with all humans. This will breed well at the residence and will be easy to train. You will get a hunting dog that will take you and wait for your hunted fauna.

However, not a few hunting dogs in Indonesia use the type of mongrel. Because this type of dog also has a sense of smell and memory that is not inferior to other types of dogs.
You should start teaching dogs for hunting lessons at the age of 3 to 6 months. This is the optimal time in hunting dog training. Curious how can you produce a good hunting dog?

Here are 8 techniques to train hunting dogs that are not far from the technique of raising a herder

  • Practice Basic Commands

You certainly must first teach hunting dogs to know and understand the basic commands in hunting. Make sure they understand if you say a number of basic commands like “sit down, shut up and know the name” Even you can train the dog to understand a number of words like “catch, take and search”.

  • Training Smell Sharpness

Practicing the sharpness of smell of hunting dogs is not too difficult, not bad with their food hobbies. Yes, you can train it by hiding the food and let them struggle to find it themselves without your help. For basic lessons, you can do it with a step or step that is easy, by putting the food in a location that is easy to reach and open, under the table for example. Let them sniff or inhale the food before you hide it. And after that, you can invite and tell them to start digging the food.

  • Introduction to your target or hunting animals

The main point in teaching hunting dogs is by introducing techniques with prey animals. For example, if you want to hunt wild boar, then let the dog understand and recognize the boar. The method is simply by not caring about them watching the pig and confining the pig first so that there is no injury which means later on during the lesson, of course, you also have to understand the characteristics of sick dogs if there are errors in training. If hunted fauna is not as dangerous as a rabbit you can enter rabbits and hunting dogs in the same cage.

  • Let them learn from the experience of other hunting dogs

Invite the hunter to go directly to the hunting ground. Take one of the well-trained hunting dogs that certainly have no experience in hunting. Let the dog learn from his hunting friend. Hunting dogs will use their sense of smell to recognize traces and smells of certain odors. This ability is a basic skill that all dogs do. You just need to sharpen this ability so that later it will be useful in your hunting process.

  • Select a Location for Hunting Dog Training

You can actually teach your dog to start digging and looking for traces both inside and outside. For the first lesson, you can use did in the room first, because there will be a number of factors that can influence the results of your practice such as temperature, wind and other matters which surely provoke odor molecules. And this is certainly not good for your study. Try to eliminate the many disorders that will interfere with the learning procession such as humans and other fauna.

  • Use Objects To Focus Training Sessions

Choose one of the objects that you will later make for the hunter’s dog trainer. Usually, the most effective way is to use the dog’s favorite toy. Use the same toy in each of your training sessions. Even though you can use other objects. After that, try to play a run game and take it with him. This is an effective and good game where you can train and also use it in taming puppies. This is a beginner’s game before you really focus on the core training session.

  • Start Ordering to Find and Get Something

Give verbal signals while holding the dog leash to pick up the toy. Usually, the general signal in ordering dogs is “find and find”. For initial training, you may have to be more patient because generally the dog does not understand and understand what the employer has ordered. But after they start learning and practicing they will more easily understand in the future. For the first exercise, you may need to guide the dog using the rope to the toy you have prepared earlier.

  • Starting Training Into Difficult Levels

If previously you only trained hunting dogs with toys and objects hidden in open spaces and easy to reach. So to raise the training session to try hiding the object in an area that is not visible to him. This will sharpen the instinct and hunting instinct of the dog. Do a hiding place for objects or toys that will be searched for by the dog in a different location.

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