For Dog Lovers Definitely, Know the History of Marley & Me and The Kintamani Dog

For those of you who like the dog “Labrador Retriever” the most. The title of this film might be able to increase you to get the most preferred dog animal; one of them is the Labrador Retriever. The film is titled “Marley & Me” which is carried from the true story of John Grogan’s life written in a book titled the same as his film, which has a little problem about his marriage and together, a dog hunting, has the name, Marley.

Marley & Me was once played in America on the Christmas compilation date on December 25, 2008. It stars Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston who at that time immediately skyrocketed to rank first in the office at Christmas time.

The film was received by the 20th Century Fox successful films starring actors familiar in Hollywood between different Tom Cruise through Valkyrie Ya, Bratt through the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Adam Sandler through Bedtime Story, any other familiar stars in the film Seven Pounds, The Tale of Despereaux, The Spirit and Doubt, Earth Day Still Stands.

The Marley & Me film begins with the compilation of John Grogan (Owen Wilson), and Jenny Grogan (Jennifer Aniston) is a new bride who moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. Because John was accepted as a local newspaper, it is there that opens up the life of the newlyweds, new activities, and having children preparing a small family. John, who was hesitant about making it for the children, was anxious and explained it to his friends who found a solution to his concern that John had to buy Jenny to look for a puppy until the yellow Retriever had the name, Marley.

Where in a short period the dog grew big and became hyperactive which created their home both in disaster. Marley, who could not manage food by kidnapping, damaging the sofa, drinking toilet water, toppling trash cans, hunting down UPS employees, damaging pillows and flowers. Until the gift necklace from John became a victim of Marley’s mischief.

Many problems occur throughout the year, Marley took part in feeling John’s family dealing with problems in family life in moving places and moving activities, etc. The two of them struggled to accept if Marley only got the worst in the world that their good side was acceptable.

History of Kintamani – Dogs from Indonesia

The Kintamani dog is found in the occupied Kintamani area, Bali. This dog has an adventurous nature, and this type of dog has been cultivated for a long time. It has also been announced internationally. The existence of this type results from a cross between Samoyed and the white Malamute. Some say extinct Kintamani results from the crossing of Bali hamlet dogs with Chow-chow dogs that were once transported by invaders from Javanese Majapahit to Singaraja, North Bali.

An expert physician experienced in 1981 found a dog that was there and witnessed a dog in Bali, namely a short athletic dog, a short wolf-like dog, and a dog of all. Dra Wenny E – Groenewegen Ressang DVM from the Netherlands is an animal and dog lover. Conduct research and are interested in observing dog growth in Bali.

Previously, they thought they had found opposition, but they were still struggling to express something they had done. Their opinions began to unfold after successfully proving the exclusive features of the Kintamani dog, which were kept and transported by its survival.

Observation and research on the Kintamani dog did not pass away in the Netherlands by Wenny Ressang, by breeding the Kintamani dog which he brought and analyzed to produce strings that matched the indigenous dogs used as the initial research. Because this research, opposing it in Bali or outside Bali Even outside Indonesia received considerable attention for dog lovers. Kintamani dogs are now widespread in European countries including France, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, and the Netherlands. And also spread in America and Australia.

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