The Dog Looks ‘Fierce’ Bearer of Fortune

A scary-looking dog doesn’t mean it’s ferocious or fierce. A medical student can even pay her tuition fees thanks to the ‘ferocity’ of the animal.

Jasmine Milton (20), who comes from Shropshire, England, has earned about 20 thousand pounds (Rp. 351 million) because of the fame of Anuko, a 2-year-old Siberian Husky dog.

Quoted from the Daily Mail on Monday (5/9/2016), since it made news last year, the ‘angry’-faced dog has 11 thousand followers on Instagram, received hundreds of prizes, and got a job as a model.

But, despite having a ferocious face, Jasmine said that her dog was a loving animal. And the animal brought fortune to him. A few months before buying Anuko, Jasmine had attempted suicide in 2013 after experiencing a bipolar case with no clear diagnosis.

“At that time, I did not know I had bipolar disorder. I isolated myself, and my final exam scores collapsed,” Jasmine recalled.

While being treated at the hospital, a patient with the same mental condition told me about the benefits of having a dog. Four months later, Jasmine brought the tiny Anuko to her house, and the animal immediately became the ‘perfect puppy’ from the start. Both of them immediately inseparable, and Jasmine’s mental state also improved because of frequent socializing together with the puppy, meeting other people, and long conversations.

Anuko’s appearance also attracts attention. Jasmine said, “People can cross the road just to see and pet it when we are traveling.”

Anuko’s creepy face was caused by his fur pattern, so that he always frowned. “He looks very upset but very friendly and loving,” explained Jasmine. Fun, Jasmine also opened an Instagram account for her dog. Slowly, Anuko began to gather followers.

Change of Fate

But, in 2015, a big change occurred when Jasmine took some photos of Anuko playing soccer. Anuko’s face that ‘felt betrayed’ caught the attention of journalists and fans all over the world. Shortly after that, Jasmine was interviewed by marketing manager from well-known online gambling website that provides a lot of money games like casino, poker, namely that interested in Anuko playing soccer because the website itself is known as the best sportsbook online gambling and want to use Anuko’s photos for their website so it can attract other player such as a dog lovers or another competitor’s player that love cute animal photos.

“Great. There are hundreds of people contacting me,” Jasmine said after receiving media attention.

Anuko’s photos were reposted more than 25 thousand times, and Jasmine made £ 5,000 overnight. About that, Jasmine said, “For a long time, I didn’t ask for money, but then there was a company that said, ‘You can get money from here.'”

With the addition of Instagram and one contract into a model, the dog’s website and video sharing channel became a financial resource for Jasmine.

Also, there are gift shipments such as dog food and toys, and also paintings of the dog. A fan even sent pictures of Anuko’s small paintings to her nails.

“I am the kind of person who saves even a dime. After seeing the money, I feel I have to decide about its use,” Jasmine said related to Anuko’s luck.

“My father is a clinical psychologist and has accompanied me throughout my struggle, so I decided to become a clinical psychiatrist.”

With the results of a high school exam allegedly obtaining A grades, Jasmine sets out to take classes at Plovdiv Medical University, Bulgaria, next year. His future and luck cannot be separated from the puppy’s role, and Jasmine is grateful for it.

“He is the whole world to me; he is like my baby,” he concluded.

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People Who are Afraid of Dogs are More at Risk of Being Bitten, How Come?

Animals have become commonplace at home nowadays. It is starting from birds to animals that are quite famous as wild snakes. Having a pet is one thing that can show your identity and character. Even animals can gather people into a community.

Dogs are one of the animals that are kept by many people. The dog is one of the obedient and cool animals to be invited to joke. Dogs can also be guards for our homes so that police use them as drug detectors to bombs. Surely the dog’s ability will be in accordance with what is taught as long as it is in the hands of the employer.

Behind many of the features of this animal, many things concern many people that ultimately make people fearful of animals that have various colors. One of them when a dog barks and makes someone shocked to run. Know, according to the University of Liverpool in the UK, they have surveyed 694 people and discovered the fact that dogs will have a higher concern for people who have feelings of anxiety and fear.

The research continues in a deeper direction regarding people who have been bitten by dogs and recognizes whether dog bites need treatment to the type of person who has been bitten by a dog.

The researchers used Inventory or TIPI to determine emotional stability and neuroticism in a person. From there, it shows that if someone has a good emotional balance, then it will be increasingly avoided by barking dogs to its bite. “To find out more, further research is needed on the correlation between dog bites and human feelings,” said dog behavior expert Carri Westgarth of the University of Liverpool.

Subsequent discoveries found that dogs than women more often bit men. Not only that, people who care for dogs have also been shown to be three times more likely to get a dog bite. Even worse, many people are bitten by stray dogs, and their health condition is unknown.

One in three dog bites requires treatment. It is known from the many wild dog bites to people who are passing by. As many as 740/100,000 residents were affected by dog ​​bites.

Research carried out certainly still has many shortcomings. That’s because there are so many things to watch out for and the time spent by researchers. Even so, from this study, you can know that the need for treatment of dog bites is important if you are bitten.

In addition to treatment, you also know what risks you get when you have a dog and how you should do when meeting a dog. Relaxing by controlling the feeling of staying stable will keep you from being bitten by a dog.

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The Tragic Story of a Dog Named Laika, the First Animal Sent to Space

Technological advances and world space exploration must thank a dog. His services will never be able to respond to us. Likewise, our sins against him that we may never be able to atone for.

Yes, before cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin from the Soviet Union became the first human being sent into space, and astronaut Neil Armstrong from the United States became the first human to step on the moon, there was a dog named Laika who died for the fulfillment of humankind’s conquest of space.

After the success of Sputnik 1 (the first artificial satellite that was launched) in 1957, the Soviet Union wanted to continue its superiority immediately. Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev also requested that a flight be carried out on November 7, 1957, or exactly the 40th anniversary of the Bolshevik Revolution.

In short, as summarized by, the Soviet space team only had four weeks to prepare everything. Starting from the preparation, equipment, and everything is done in a hurry. In essence, their technology at that time was far from perfect.

At that time, it was not yet known whether humans could survive during launch and while in space. A dog is then used as experimental material. Laika was sacrificed for the ambitious mission of the Soviet Union, which at that time was in a cold war and competing in space affairs with the United States.

It is unclear what is the reason for choosing a dog. At the same time, the United States is researching the possibility of using apes for the same thing. Some mutt that roams the streets of Moscow was chosen as the first animal candidates to orbit the earth. After getting a lot of training, Laika was finally chosen.

Three days before D-day, Laika was placed in a small Sputnik 2 capsule that was no bigger than a washing machine. From the beginning, he was prepared not to return to earth, aka undergoing a suicide mission. Laika is expected to die peacefully due to running out of oxygen.

In Sputnik 2, Laika is tied with a rope so that it doesn’t move around much. The narrowness of the room also made him unable to turn his body back. Laika was given food for several days, including those that had been poisoned so that she could die without suffering too much. His death is just waiting for the count of hours.

The rocket also glides, with g-force (the compressive force of gravity on the outside of the body when facing high speed) five times more powerful than normal gravity levels. The noise and pressure at launch also stressed him and scared him. His heart rate and breathing rate increased dramatically.

Laika managed to orbit and survived around the earth for 103 minutes. But the heat shield failed to function, and eventually, he died of heat. The Soviet Union reportedly had a long time covering up this story, saying that Laika died peacefully and had lived for several days orbiting the earth.

Laika’s figure as the first animal to fly into space, and her heartbreaking story of animal lovers is now contained in a variety of works. Starting from video animation, poetry, and children’s books, to songs and stamps. Laika is also enshrined in the form of a memorial statue.

At a military facility in Moscow, Russia, there was the figure of Laika standing on a rocket. Rest in peace, Laika. We will not forget you.

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Can Dogs See Ghosts, Myths, or Facts?

Often, when we watch horror films, dogs in the movie bark when ghosts appear. This is based on the belief that dogs can see ghosts and other supernatural beings. This belief is proven by research conducted by biologists from the City University of London.

As reported by Dailymail, the researchers were finally able to reveal the secret behind the ability of animals to see spirits that were not only possessed by dogs. Based on these studies, it is known that some animals have eyes that can see the spectrum of ultraviolet or UV light, which humans do not have this ability.

The ability of animals to see the spectrum of ultraviolet or UV rays is functioning to help these animals to find prey and keep them away from predator attacks. For example, dogs or cats generally remain able to move swiftly without bumping into anything in a minimal or no lightroom, this is because, in these dark conditions, special abilities in the eyes of cats and dogs make them like using infrared glasses that can help them see in the dark.

So what does the ability of animals to see the spectrum of ultraviolet or UV rays have to do with their ability to see supernatural beings? According to ghost hunters, one of the mandatory equipment that must be possessed by ghost hunters is a camera that can capture infrared and ultraviolet light.

Apart from being able to help to see in the dark, this camera will be able to help to capture the presence of ghosts because ghosts and humans have different colors and light when viewed with an infrared camera.

Unfortunately, although scientists have discovered the secret behind the ability of animals to see ghosts, they are still unable to reveal why the human eye cannot see the spectrum of ultraviolet or UV rays such as dogs and cats.

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Guess How Many Paintings of This Famous Poker Dog Have Been Sold?

Everyone knows about a collection of well-known paintings that show dogs playing poker, but do we know who painted them? The legendary painting series of Dog Playing Poker is the vision of Cassius Marcellus Coolidge, known by some as “Michelangelo from the dog world.”

Why dog? Why not human? These kinds of questions keep appearing here and there. Unlike other Poker Paintings that picturing people playing Poker, Coolidge uses Dogs as the players. His paintings attract many eyes of gambling community. They were so curious about Coolidge works around the world, and finally one of them managed to get 1, although it’s a little bit pricey.

Some people might write that Coolidge’s style is not quite “serious,” his works are now many very iconic examples of classic American art.

Popularity and prestige do not often come hand in hand. Art critics have long mocked the commissioned work Coolidge did. Even in 1934, the obituary explained the most significant artistic achievement as “painting not a few images of dogs.” But a low blow was said on April Fool’s Day at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk. Posted a joke in a press release format claiming the agency wanted to show Dogs Playing Poker.

Don’t let anyone also tell us that you are too old to achieve success, fame or money. Coolidge, almost 60 years old when he was commissioned in 1903 by the advertising company, named Brown & Bigelow to create 16 paintings (for many years), nine of which were completed with the title Poker.

The most famous of the sets is a painting titled Friends that requires where the Bulldog is seen through Ace from the club with claws around the poker hand. It was clear that he “helped” his friend out because by giving him his friend would now have four access. (Is it dirty if you are not caught?)

Coolidge exploration is the earliest dog painting created for cigar boxes. Then, in 1903, the 59-year-old artist began working to “advertise” the Brown & Bigelow Company. Like Sympathy Poker, Sandwiched With Four Aces and A Blod Bluff from here he began rummaging through people by producing calendars, prints, posters and sometimes produced as part of promotional souvenirs.

Coolidge has had a new art claim to fame – he is credited as the father of Comic foregrounds, their unique carnival where tourists can stick their heads above cartoon figures as photo ops. But with Dogs playing poker catching up through sales calendars and posters, Coolidge can sell many indigenous paintings for $ 2000 to $ 10,000.

Coolidge goes by the nickname “Cash” and has been mirrored as a distributor whose resumes show many career changes. Before being painted for a calendar, he worked on hunches and homes and tried to be a cartoonist, art teacher, and pharmacist. Besides that, he also started with newspapers and banks. So maybe the pooches that always dig corners represented Coolidge’s ambitions.

For those of us who are interested in art (or obsessed with “Antiques Roadshow”), we might want to know what Coolidge’s valuable paintings are. In 2005, A Bold Bluff and Waterloo were ready to be auctioned, and the estimate was that these paintings were wanted to collect between $ 30,000 and $ 50,000. Instead, the shocking set was marketed for nearly $ 600,000 in Doyle Auctions on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The new record that Coolidge won for his painting at the 2005 auction. That reached approximately $ 74,000 for the sale of his paintings for the future of his work.

We never know, why Cassius Marcellus Coolidge prefers the theme of poker by including the role of dogs in this similar scenario. We may know that dogs give us a “full house” that cannot be described as “poker face,” and we certainly know that we have got a “jackpot.”

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Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Head and Fear of Lightning?

Dogs are human’s best friends, and they even seem to understand if the owner is not in the best mood situation. Usually, they will approach and stare at us while tilting their heads.

Even though that business makes our dog look more cute or cute, the reason is not that. They tilt their heads, among the reasons because their ears are the most sensitive and can capture sound frequencies far wider than the human ear. They can capture the sound in the smallest rate, and when your dog tilts its head, it makes it easier for them to dig up the sound source better.

It could be that they are trying to find out the source of the problem in their owners better. The next reason is the position of their snout, which is in the sight of the dog’s eyes. It is more or less similar to your nose, which is quite sharp will appear to hinder a small part of our vision.

Well, because their snouts are longer, they will often hinder the bottom of the object they are observing. So by tilting his head, my dog ​​and you can observe you better. Dr. Stanley Coren wrote this in the article Psychology Today.

So you understand now, by tilting your head, my dog ​​and you can sharpen his senses and make them know more about us as people who care about them,

So sweet …

Why Do Dogs Be Afraid of Lightning?

For all dog owners who are quite close to their pets, they must have felt the time when your dog was nervous when heavy rain came and could panic when lightning began to grab. They will dig for protection in the lowest locations that according to information from them can protect themselves from ‘threats.’

This happens because of the following various propositions “

  • Voice Phobia

Fear without arguments in a voice that is not threatening. Besides panicking at the sound of lightning, your dog may panic at the sound of firecrackers or fireworks. This is likely due to the innate nature of the dog to survive where they must understand the source of the loud sound coming from.

Of course, they panicked with a loud and mysterious voice, besides maybe they felt there was a big battle out there.

  • Static electricity

In a rainstorm, static electricity collects and then becomes a lightning strike. Dogs can feel this static electricity even before it reaches the area where we live.

Dogs experience static electricity through their feathers, which gives a feeling of amusement and discomfort. Therefore our pet dogs act as countrymen perhaps to find a place that they hope can protect them from static electricity attacks.

  • Changes in Air Pressure

Panic dogs because of rainstorms can feel the evolution of air pressure that coincides with the arrival of rainstorms.

  • Ion Change

In a thunderstorm, the ion in space changes. You and my dog can experience increased alertness when the signal comes to their nerve circuit faster. This signal is classified as the sound of rain and lightning, and it makes your dog anxious.

  • Genetics

Based on information from research in the Journal of the American Animal Association, each breed of dog has anxiety levels that are the opposite of a storm. Dog types of workers and sports, like the German shepherd and collies, have the highest levels of anxiety.

Anxiety in many dogs can be treated with medicines suitable for prescription veterinarians.

  • Changes in Our Habits

Our dog is susceptible to the prevalence of his master. If you become rushed to pick up clotheslines or block windows, your dog will feel if he needs to be on standby.

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For Dog Lovers Definitely, Know the History of Marley & Me and The Kintamani Dog

For those of you who like the dog “Labrador Retriever” the most. The title of this film might be able to increase you to get the most preferred dog animal; one of them is the Labrador Retriever. The film is titled “Marley & Me” which is carried from the true story of John Grogan’s life written in a book titled the same as his film, which has a little problem about his marriage and together, a dog hunting, has the name, Marley.

Marley & Me was once played in America on the Christmas compilation date on December 25, 2008. It stars Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston who at that time immediately skyrocketed to rank first in the office at Christmas time.

The film was received by the 20th Century Fox successful films starring actors familiar in Hollywood between different Tom Cruise through Valkyrie Ya, Bratt through the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Adam Sandler through Bedtime Story, any other familiar stars in the film Seven Pounds, The Tale of Despereaux, The Spirit and Doubt, Earth Day Still Stands.

The Marley & Me film begins with the compilation of John Grogan (Owen Wilson), and Jenny Grogan (Jennifer Aniston) is a new bride who moved to West Palm Beach, Florida. Because John was accepted as a local newspaper, it is there that opens up the life of the newlyweds, new activities, and having children preparing a small family. John, who was hesitant about making it for the children, was anxious and explained it to his friends who found a solution to his concern that John had to buy Jenny to look for a puppy until the yellow Retriever had the name, Marley.

Where in a short period the dog grew big and became hyperactive which created their home both in disaster. Marley, who could not manage food by kidnapping, damaging the sofa, drinking toilet water, toppling trash cans, hunting down UPS employees, damaging pillows and flowers. Until the gift necklace from John became a victim of Marley’s mischief.

Many problems occur throughout the year, Marley took part in feeling John’s family dealing with problems in family life in moving places and moving activities, etc. The two of them struggled to accept if Marley only got the worst in the world that their good side was acceptable.

History of Kintamani – Dogs from Indonesia

The Kintamani dog is found in the occupied Kintamani area, Bali. This dog has an adventurous nature, and this type of dog has been cultivated for a long time. It has also been announced internationally. The existence of this type results from a cross between Samoyed and the white Malamute. Some say extinct Kintamani results from the crossing of Bali hamlet dogs with Chow-chow dogs that were once transported by invaders from Javanese Majapahit to Singaraja, North Bali.

An expert physician experienced in 1981 found a dog that was there and witnessed a dog in Bali, namely a short athletic dog, a short wolf-like dog, and a dog of all. Dra Wenny E – Groenewegen Ressang DVM from the Netherlands is an animal and dog lover. Conduct research and are interested in observing dog growth in Bali.

Previously, they thought they had found opposition, but they were still struggling to express something they had done. Their opinions began to unfold after successfully proving the exclusive features of the Kintamani dog, which were kept and transported by its survival.

Observation and research on the Kintamani dog did not pass away in the Netherlands by Wenny Ressang, by breeding the Kintamani dog which he brought and analyzed to produce strings that matched the indigenous dogs used as the initial research. Because this research, opposing it in Bali or outside Bali Even outside Indonesia received considerable attention for dog lovers. Kintamani dogs are now widespread in European countries including France, Germany, Norway, Belgium, Sweden, and the Netherlands. And also spread in America and Australia.

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5 Recommendations for The Best Dog and Cat Flea Products

For those of us who care for dogs or cats, surely you are obliged to eradicate the curse. Not only for animals, but fleas are also a troublesome parasite for humans. If left unchecked, more lice can multiply. In addition to the flea drugs produced by the location where animals live, there are also drugs that are marketed in bulk on the market. Which is the best?

Before buying, you must buy to know what is suitable for Shopping animal. This time we will buy exterminator products from well-known brands, Laksana Hartz, Frontline and Revolution, which can be purchased at online stores. We will also ask for the technique of choosing and discussing the usefulness of each product. Let’s get rid of fleas in our animal’s body!

Below, we reverse two of the best flea products. For cats, including pets that are often published in homes, we need to always buy lice repellent at home. Hopefully, cat fleas to use is easy to find. No need to purchase animal hospital products, even market-marketed drugs have been approved effectively.

5 Recommendations for the best dog and cat flea products

  • Revolution Selamectin for Cats

Immerse quickly into the skin and cope with fleas.

Revolution is a flea medicinal product used explicitly by cats with a quality of 2.5 kg and above. Not only does it kill adult lice, but it can also be used to eradicate larvae and lice eggs. In addition to fleas, this product can also be used to treat ear mites, hookworms (heartworms), heartworms, and roundworms in your cat.

This flea product has a working technique that regulates fast skin animal, then enters the bloodstream. Although it is safe to use for pregnant and lactating cats, we do not need to buy this medicine for cats who are sick or are recovering. For Dog animal, you can choose Revolution Selamectin products for Dogs.

  • Hartz UltraGuard Rid Flea & Tick Shampoo for Cats

Favorite cats become fragrant and free of fleas!

If you go to a pet store and the like, an infestation product that is not available is available as a shampoo. Interested in cat lice use shampoo? Hartz UltraGuard Get Rid of Fleas & Check is one of the trusted products that can be used to help our kittens who need 12 weeks or more.

The advantages of this shampoo are complemented by a fragrance that is more complete because of you. This product has an aroma of fresh pastures. In addition to creating fallen fleas and falling, your cat is also fragrant. You can use this shampoo again for our cats once a week when needed. In addition to cat use, Hartz also provides a variant of dog flea shampoo.

  • Revolution Selamectin for Puppies and Cats

Your favorite baby cats and dogs are protected. Prevent fleas from coming back!

Different from the previous product, Revolution Selamectin for Puppies and Kittens can be used for puppies and kittens with maximum quality of 2.5 kg. As we discussed, puppies and cats are most susceptible to disease. Not only fleas, but this product can also be used as a member of worms and ear mites or ear mites.

The formula can dispute quickly because the drug absorbs directly into the blood of the animal, then immediately kills the bacteria, eradicates the liver, and also the parasites are removed. With just one ampule for one use, your baby cat and the baby dog will be treated and can be reused.

  • Virbac Effipro Spot-On Solution for Cats

Not only lice, but scabies is also gone!

Virbac Effipro can work actively for around 14 days and work actively for about 8 weeks. There should be several types of fleas that haven’t died in the first 48 hours of recovery, and we don’t need to worry. Your favorite animal will die soon in the future.

This product can be used not as a process of repairing and controlling flea allergies. Besides, it can cure ear mites (ear mites) and scabies in livestock animal. In addition to cat use, there is also a Virbac Effipro Spot-On Solution for Dogs for pet dogs. We can use this product for cats and puppies that are released 8 weeks or more.

  • Boehringer Ingelheim Frontline Plus for Dogs

Able to eradicate to larvae and eggs.

Frontline Plus for dogs can kill fleas in the body of the dog and work effectively without stopping for around 30 days. Per ampoule consists of fipronil and methoprene. Fipronil is most effective at killing adult lice, while methoprene is effective in killing larvae and lice eggs. These two active substances work together to eradicate ticks around full, each round of the flea cycle.

It is necessary to point out one ampule for a pet dog that has a quality of 20-40 kg. Drop it at the location of the neck, then remove the hair to reveal it to the skin. There is no need to worry about this drug having to wear off and your favorite dog being bathed because the formula has water resistance.

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Viral The Story of Popo, The Dog Who Keeps The Body of The Employer for About 3 Months

The story of the emotion of a dog who faithfully accompanies the body of his employer circulating on social media. The dog escorted the body of his employer for about three months to emaciated.

“This story tells of a dog that is so loyal to its employer, even though the body of the employer has become a skeleton, this dog has remained faithfully waiting for his employer for months to emaciate. The dog is reluctant to leave the employer, and it is not uncommon to take care of him for about 3 months. Even though hunger is half dead, he doesn’t have the heart/heart to eat his employer, “

The incident occurred in the area of ​​Bandung, West Java, on February 7, 2019, ago. Leoni, a woman who lives alone with her pet dog, was found by residents with a lifeless situation and has become a bone on her bed and is thought to have died approximately three months ago.

“A few days ago the residents were suspicious until they finally went inside, there was a skeleton on the bed guided by his dog,” wrote the explanation of the upload.

The pet dog who was also found with the situation of the emaciated body was also transported by residents who collaborated with the Cisarua Sector Police because it needed further handling.

Keeping the body of his employer to starvation, creating a pet dog experienced many problems in his body. This dog, named Popo, felt lung problems, digestion, swelling of the liver to dehydration which was quite severe. In his stomach also found a plastic which is thought to be eaten by Popo.

“Popo feels lung problems, digestion, swelling of the liver and dehydration is quite severe, the pulse is difficult to trace, and infusion through the neck and the water rises again. There is plastic in his stomach; it seems that his last meal is plastic, “explained the upload explanation.

Several attempts were made in healing and also Popo’s treatment. The Body Talker writes that Popo is still traumatized and remembers when his employer was dead on the bed until now Popo still feels sadness and loss. As explained in the upload, Popo is now being cared for at the location where Mama Liza lives because not only the body needs to be restored, but also the dog’s mentality must also be removed from this incident.

“Popo likes to be hugged and is whispered by Mama Liza if Popo has to be sincere, now Popo has been safe living with Mama Liza,” wrote the explanation of the upload.

Uploads that have been favored by more than 14 thousand of these Instagram users reap various comments from Warganet. The story and loyalty touched them that Popo carried out against his employer. As follows, here’s their explanation for Popo – A dog who is so loyal to his employer.

“Dogs are very loyal animals from all the fauna found on the face of the earth,” wrote a comment @ irwanjamaluddin65.

“Haru, sometimes dogs are more loyal than humans today …” said the comment @ yufika29.

“Hopefully Popo quickly gets well and is healthy again, and feels his happiness again” comments from @vanmurphy.

“Oh God, as sincere as this faithful, is this dog keeping his employer. Hopefully, it’s fast and healthy and long-lived,” added @frdrhmi.

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Best Tips and Buying Guide to Choose Your Dog Food Carefully

Many of you feel confused when you want to choose the ideal dog food. Some of the owners make mistakes when selecting food for their pet fauna.

Here are some practical suggestions and rules when you want to choose the best food for your favorite dog. Dog Food Buying Guide:

Look for the following to find the best dog food.

You need to explore the number of aspects that make a product the best dog food product. You need to identify some elements and match them with the many available dog food brands.

Good dog food can meet a large number of dog nutrition requirements. But the best brand is one that can cover all aspects. In essence, good dog food must be able to fulfill the nutrition needed by your favorite pet.

In addition to adequate nutrition, the best dog food does not use artificial preservatives. Preservative products such as BHT, Ethoxyquin, and BHA provoke the taste of food. The best way is to choose a dog food with ascorbate (ascorbate) or tocopherol (tocopherol) which is safer for dogs.

Company Association Sponsor for Dog Treatment

We need to gather together and increase the awareness of dog treatment, and we can start with the food that they have everyday. This initiative came from Casino Company Association to give back to society, with the help from one of the best sports betting and casino online that spread throughout Asia.

Check Your Dog’s Age

Good food must be matched with the age of the dog. There are some classifications of dog life stages as follows: puppies, adults, and senior dogs.
Each stage requires different types of food because the nutritional requirements they need are different.

Puppy foods should have the ideal protein and fat ratio needed to help puppies grow faster and healthier.

2)Adult dogs
Dogs are felt to enter adult groups when they are between 1 and 6 years old. As adults, protein and fat requirements will increase. Dry dog food is often felt to be sufficient for dogs of this age.

3)Senior (Old) Dog
Dry dog food is especially helpful at this stage. Protein and fat needs are less compared to adult dogs.

However, senior dogs need less fiber to guard their fitness.

Pay attention to the ingredients and the mixing material

Seeing the parts of dog food is very important. Always choose foods that have at least two sources of meat. Next, you must explore the carbohydrate source. Grain is a good source of carbohydrates. Some people assume that grain will cause digestive problems in dogs.

Whole grains are needed except in dogs that have sensitive digestion. If this is the case, then avoid choosing a dog food that contains whole grains.

Besides, natural dog food often contains minerals and probiotics. It’s just that the price of natural food can be far higher compared to dry food. Choose dog food that matches your expectations.

Choose between Wet, Dry and Raw Dog Food.

Maybe this business feels insignificant, but in fact, you have to judge the choice. Dry dog food often has very affordable prices. This type of food also provides protein and vegetables that are needed by your pet. However, dry dog food needs to be propagated with wet and raw dog food to provide better nutrition.

Wet dog food is often a high ratio of protein and fat. This food also contains not many preservatives. The main reason is that wet food is usually packaged in cans that already feel preserved in the process.

Meanwhile, raw foods are often sold frozen in raw format to the point where you may need to process them (cooking) before being handed over to your favorite dog.

Change our Dog Food Carefully.

When you want to change the food of old dogs with new types, do it gradually. Mix half the old food with half the fresh menu. Give your dog’s time to work on adjustments.

Give Different Foods for Pregnant or Breastfeeding Female Dogs.

Dogs that are pregnant need different types of food. Pregnant female dogs need less energy around the end of their pregnancy. That’s because our dogs may need protein and carbohydrate supplements in their food.

Dogs that breastfeed also need 8 times less energy than average. You must give him a probiotic so that they remain active and agile. At the same time, protein and carbohydrates are also needed to keep their children healthy.

Consider Prices and Availability.

Quality dog food does not need expensive. Choose dog food that meets the needs of protein, fat, and carbohydrates without making your estimates conceded.

Besides, the matter of availability must also be considered. Choose easy-to-access cards and often available both in offline and online stores.

The best dog food is not necessarily expensive. We only need to match the content and availability between one brand and another.

To maintain the health and activity of our pet dogs, be sure to submit healthy and complete food for them.

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