10 Types of Dogs That Are Most Often Used by Police

Not only acting as humanity’s best friend, but dogs can also be used by the police to help police work in overcoming all existing criminal problems. For that, an exclusive dog is needed that can be invited to collaborate with the police.

There are 10 types of dogs mentioned that most often help the police. This is the arrangement of the 10 dogs.

  • Staffordshire Terrier

At number 10 in dogs that often help the police does not mean this type of dog is useless. Often people mistakenly think of Staffordshire with the American Pitbull Terrier. Staffordshire Terrier has properties that are needed as guard dogs. This is because this race is indeed glorified to be a lighter device.

Although this dog is perfect for being a police helper, its aggressive and protective nature cannot be easily trained. It took a long time and patience to be able to make this dog the perfect guard dog.

  • Bullmastiff

To be able to help with heavy police duties, a type of dog that has a strong physical, protective, high courage is needed and does not forget high loyalty. All of these properties belong to a kind of Bullmastiff dog.

If there are people who carelessly enter the guarding district, the Bullmastiff will instinctively use his body to intercept the person. Even though it seemed fierce, Bullmastiff was the one who could also be used as a tame pet fauna.

  • Great Dane

Tall, able to run fast, smart, loyal, and active. Such are the physical characteristics possessed by the Great Dane. The Great Dane is a police helper who can obey the coach’s orders quickly, is a strong fighter, but is very angry.

Despite its high and creepy physique, the Great Dane is very easy to get along with small children. The Great Dane will not attack other dogs if he is taught correctly and not provoked.

  • Boxer

Not a large body, but he is equipped with solid muscles and a strong jaw to bite anyone who he thinks is disturbing. For the record, Boxer is a type of dog combined from an English Bulldog with a bullenbeisser. Boxer dogs do not need specialized training because Boxers are very easy to train.

Having the most active nature, smooth to play, calm and protective, Boxer is the perfect kind of dog to be used as a police friend or pet fauna.

  • Giant Schnauzer

Dominant, loyal, and active, that’s the proposition why this dog is suitable as a police partner. This big dog has the power that is needed to help the police task of eradicating crime. But this dog needs additional training to be patient to be able to make it a pet dog or a police dog.

Giant Schnauzer is not a noisy dog, this type of dog will only bark if he feels threatened. The Giant Schnauzer has more body size than Brawniest but is smaller than many other kinds of Schnauzer.

  • Belgian Malinois

With a slimmer, smaller format, the Belgian Malinois is one type of dog that is often used by the police to help with tasks in the field. Included in the kind of dog that is active, these dogs are usually used to become fire detectors, drugs, and even smell the existence of people who are victims of human commerce.

Often also called Belgian Shepherd, Belgian Malinois requires special training if you want to make it as a guard dog.

  • Labrador Retriever

Don’t be fooled by his funny face, because it turns out that this Labrador Retriever belongs to the arrangement of dogs that very often helps police duties. As a pet fauna, the Labrador Retriever can be the best pet and have a close relationship with the owner.

In the police, Labrador Retrievers are exclusively given lessons to be able to ease the burden of the police like detecting bombs and drugs. Good hearing and olfactory strength are the advantages of Labrador Retriever types.

Doberman Pinscher

Is a type of dog that is very often found in the United States, this dog has a body that is not too large and not too small. This type of dog’s body is relatively slim and not too heavy. 2 of these things that make the Doberman become a dog that can run fast.

The speed possessed by Doberman is a proposition for the police to use the services of these dogs to hunt down criminals. Its powerful jaw makes it not to gouge its teeth until the villain falls.

  • Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is one who is familiar with malignancy and aggressiveness. Any criminal won’t dare to face this type of dog. Even though his body is not too big, courage deserves thumbs up.

In some videos that show how the technique of working the Rottweiler is impressive. Only a simple bite can knock a person down. For criminals, the following dogs are their scourge.

  • German Shepherd

It is no longer necessary to predict what kind of dog is very often helping the task of the police, and he is the dog of the German Shepherd. Easy to train, brave, this dog most adheres to every instruction given to him. Make this dog the best dog to help the task of all the police.

The popularity achieved by the German Shepherd is not just lately. This type of dog has even been famous since the era of the second world war. This dog which is a native type from Germany can also be used as a good pet.

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